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Envision Group

A world leading green-tech company


Envision Group

With the mission of “solving the challenges for a sustainable future”, Envision designs, sells and operates smart wind turbines and smart storage through Envision Energy, AIoT-powered batteries through Envision AESC and the world’s largest AIoT operating system through Envision Digital. It also owns Envision Ventures as well as Envision Virgin Racing Formula E team.

A world leader in smart wind power and smart energy storage, Envision Energy has championed the development and transformation of China’s wind power industry, creating several firsts in its wind power market. Through technological innovations, the company has been steadily improving the utilization efficiency of wind power, reducing the cost of wind-generated electricity, and bringing plentiful, affordable, safe and clean energy to people’s life.

A world leader in battery technology, Envision AESC brings battery technology into multidisciplinary applications through AIoT-driven innovations, creating various scenarios to enable electric vehicles to participate in the renewable energy eco-system, and bringing a dynamic balance to the developments of clean energy and electric vehicle industry.

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In 1H 2021, Envision Energy becomes China’s largest wind turbine supplier by orders


During the five years up to early 2021, Envision AESC ranked among global top five in terms of cumulative power battery shipments

Reduction of About 100 Million Tons of Carbon Emissions

From its establishment in 2007 to the beginning of 2021, its cumulative output of clean electricity exceeded 150,000 GWh, equivalent to saving more than 18 million tons of standard coal


As of mid-2021, Envision AESC’s high-performance soft pack power batteries have been installed in over 600,000 electric vehicles without a single major incident such as a battery fire.