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Official Statement in Response to Misinformation Online

(22 September 2020) – It has come to our attention that allegations targeting Primavera Capital Group ("Primavera") regarding a wealth management product have been circulating on social media in China. In response, Primavera would like to state that:


The allegations against Dr. Fred Hu are maliciously timed, entirely without merit and rely on a deliberate misrepresentation of a transaction involving an onshore limited partner. Primavera is confident that the allegations and misunderstandings will be cleared once confidentiality restrictions are lifted and the underlying facts can be disclosed.


About Primavera Capital Group


Primavera Capital Group is a China-based global investment firm. With offices located in Beijing and Hong Kong, Primavera manages both RMB and USD funds for leading institutions, corporations, and families in China and around the world.


Primavera was founded by Dr. Fred Hu, a renowned economist and successful investor. The firm currently has 40+ investment professionals with an outstanding track record. The team combines global capital market experience, deep industry knowledge, and a unique network of relationships with policy-makers and regulators as well as leading CEOs and entrepreneurs in the region and globally.


Primavera puts great emphasis on rigorous fundamental research. The firm undertakes sophisticated analysis on economies, industries, and companies to generate investment ideas, identify attractive opportunities, and guide its investment decisions.


Primavera employs a flexible strategy of growth capital, buyout and control, and cross-border investments. Leveraging its stature and reputation in China and an experienced investment team, Primavera has led investments in 50+ renowned domestic and international companies across TMT, consumer, financial services, healthcare, and education sectors.






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