Core Values

Primavera Capital Group was established and continues to operate around key business principles. Each letter in “Primavera” symbolizes a core value of our firm.



We want to form a long term partnership with our people, our LPs and our portfolio companies. Through partnership and teamwork, we can jointly deliver our long term goal.



A leading global franchise is defined by its reputation. We strive to build and maintain the reputation of our firm and all our people.



Integrity is at the heart of our culture and our business, which is critical in earning trust and for the firm to prosper for a very long time.



We strive to identify, recruit and retain the best people for every job. True meritocracy will drive our people and deliver success for the firm.



We seek to build a team of talented individuals with varying aptitudes, but who will also work together in a highly complementary fashion to enable us to make the best and most informed decisions.



Leveraging our unique status, our people, and our common core values, we aim to achieve our vision and goal in the shortest time possible.



We strive to achieve excellence in our professional work, judgment and investing results. But we will only achieve excellence without sacrificing our values and principles.



We take responsibility in helping enterprises realize their full potential and better serve their customers, shareholders and communities.



Our aspiration is to set the best example and model for the Chinese investment management industry for years to come.