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Fred Hu from Primavera Capital Appointed to IAS Board of Trustees


The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), one of the world’s foremost centers for theoretical research and intellectual inquiry, has appointed Fred Hu, founder and chairman of Primavera Capital Group, to its Board of Trustees. Alongside Fred Hu, the research center’s new appointments include Bernard E. Harcourt, a critical theorist and educator, Mike Speiser, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and Pauline Yu, a scholar of Chinese literature and culture, and former president of the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS).

In selecting trustees, the IAS focuses on an individual’s professional achievements and personal contributions to advancements in the fields of science and the humanities. Fred Hu serves on several corporate and philanthropic boards. He is currently co-chair of the Nature Conservancy Asia Pacific Council, a trustee of the China Medical Board, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations Global Advisory Board, and a member of Harvard University’s Global Advisory Council. He also serves on the Dean’s Leadership Council at Harvard Kennedy School and on the Global Advisory Board of the Jerome A. Chazen Institute for Global Business at Columbia Business School.

Regarding the appointment, IAS commented, “This enterprising group of new Trustees brings a wide array of experience and insight to the IAS Board. Each of these individuals has a strong track record of success, embodying the Institute’s drive to push beyond conventional wisdom and pioneer new ways of approaching problems. Hailing from the worlds of social theory, economics, internet technology, and comparative literature, these new Trustees bring diverse perspectives and the promise of unique synergies to the operations of the Board.

As an incubator of knowledge across the sciences and humanities, the IAS relies on the expertise and creativity of its Board to make an impact. These new appointments build upon this tradition and ensure a unified vision as IAS continues to grow and evolve. It is imperative to consider science in terms of its social impact. For this reason, IAS is uniquely positioned to expand upon its historical leadership role in the pursuit of new knowledge.”

From founding IAS Professor Albert Einstein to leading thinkers today, IAS enables bold, curiosity-driven innovation to enrich society in unprecedented ways. Each year, the Institute welcomes more than 200 of the world’s most promising post-doctoral researchers and scholars. Past and present Faculty and Members have included 35 Nobel Laureates, 42 out of the 60 Fields Medalists to date, and 21 of the 24 Abel Prize Laureates, as well as many MacArthur Fellows and Wolf Prize winners.